Before & After Care School Program
Tuition Based Morning and After Care Program

About the Program
Our Extended Care Programs offer a safe, stimulating and fun place where children grades Pre-K to 8th are given an opportunity to participate in many supervised activities. Activity planning gives consideration to the age and the abilities of the children enrolled in the program. The program offers a variety of activities for your child to participate, including: arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor play, character development, social skills, quiet reading time, board games, movies and staff assistance with homework. A healthy meal and beverage is provided every day for aftercare programs.

Program Information
McPherson School offers two Extended Care Programs that are open to a limited number of students Pre-K to 8th. All programs focus upon providing a safe and stimulating environment. The student/staff ratio does not exceed 15 students to 1 staff member.

Hour Options
Morning Care 6:30 am to 7:45 am
After Care 2:45 pm to 6:00 pm

Drop off & Pick-up
Use entrance #8 of the Winchester building. Parents/guardians are responsible for walking children to the entrance and signing child in for morning program and out for after care programs. This is meant for safety of all our children. All parents/guardians must be buzzed in to notify the facilitator. If someone other than you is picking up your child, please make sure that his or her name and contact information is listed in the original registration form. Please make sure this information is kept current.

Please notify the Extended Care Facilitator Kimberly Camacho by phone 773-534-2625 or email if your child is sick or will not be attending that day. No refunds or credits will be given for days or hours on non-attendance day.

If your child has any medical conditions, ex. Asthma, allergies or sensitive to weather conditions, please inform the facilitator. Also, please let us know of any special needs your child(ren) might have.

*****Note is a child has an accident that should require medical attention, your child will be take to either Swedish Covenant or Illinois Masonic Hospital at the expense of the parent.

Please provide a change of clothes for all Pre-K - 3 grade students. Place clothing in a bag labeled with child's name and homeroom so that we have a change of clothes should there be a need.

The safety and well-being of your child is our primary concern. The Chicago Public School Code of Conduct will be adhered to at all times.

Tution Fees
Payments are required on a monthly basis, prior to the month being paid for. The payment due date will appear on the monthly calendars the facilitator provides for you.
There will be a $10 late charge per day for late payments. Payments must be check or money or money order.

Late Fees after 6:00 pm
Students must be picked up by 6:00 pm there will be a late charge of $1 per minute after 6:00 pm. A student(s) may be dropped from the program if late pick-ups occur frequently.

A registration form must be completed for each child in any of the extended care programs. A non-refundable $50 REGISTRATION FEE is required at the time of registration. A returned check fee of $34 will be issued for any returned check with insufficient funds. After three returned payments all future payments must be made by money orders.

Tuition for Morning Care and After Care

Single Child Rates*
Morning Care $130 a month 
After Care $275 a month 

Sibling Child Rates* for After Care
Two Children $245 a month each child
Three Children $225 a month each child

No refunds will be given for days or hours of non-attendance or absences.
*Rates subject to change without notice

Emergency Service Available:
If your child is not enrolled in extended care program but you should need care on a specific day our services are available. The fees for single day care per child are morning - $20 and after care $30 each. Please contact the facilitator to set up the day (s) needed fill out contact information and make payment at time of service.
  • September Payment - Due Before School Begins on September 4th
  • October Payment - Due September 18th
  • November Payment - Due October 16th
  • December Payment - Due November 13th
  • January Payment - Due December 11th
  • February Payment - Due January 16th
  • March Payment - Due February 12th
  • April Payment - Due March 12th
  • May Payment - Due April 16th
  • June Payment (if applicable) - Due May 14th
Please make checks payable to: CPS-McPherson School