International Baccalaureate » MYP


The Middle Years Programme (MYP) offers a challenging academic framework that prompts students to recognize and appreciate the interconnectedness of their school subjects with the real world. It cultivates critical thinking and reflection skills in students.

Within the MYP, there are eight core subjects:

Language Acquisition
Language and Literature
Individuals and Societies
Physical and Health Education

The MYP fosters a perspective where students comprehend the practical applications of their studies, recognizing that real-world issues are resolved by drawing on skills and concepts from various disciplines. Teachers craft units that engage students, emphasizing that what they learn is a shared knowledge applicable globally, leading to action. The MYP introduces students to Global Contexts through categories such as Identities and Relationships, Personal and Cultural Expression, Orientations in Space and Time, Scientific and Technical Innovation, Fairness and Development, and Globalization and Sustainability.

IB MYP students aspire to embody the IB MYP Learner Profile, striving to be inquirers, thinkers, principled, caring, balanced, knowledgeable, communicators, open-minded, risk-takers, and reflective. This learner profile offers a holistic perspective on education, placing the student at the center and uniting everyone with a shared focus on the complete development of the individual as a lifelong learner.

All 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students in our program are IB MYP students. The program is designed to promote international mindedness, cultivate a positive attitude toward learning, reflect real-life scenarios, enhance communication skills, and underscore the physical, intellectual, emotional, and ethical development of our students.