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Social Emotional Learning

Students learn best when they feel safe and supported in school, both physically and emotionally. McPherson IB World School ensures that our faculty and staff use the most effective strategies to foster a safe learning environment in order to maximize student engagement and achievement.
We are committed to teaching students skills that will help them with school as well as in life. These skills include:
  • Managing and understanding their emotions
  • Understanding and being able to relate to others
  • Making responsible decisions
These skills are needed to persist with a range of situations—from figuring out a tough math problem or collaborating on a group project to setting goals for college and career.
In our 6th-8th grade classrooms, Advisory Meetings serve as a cornerstone for building a supportive and inclusive community in the MYP classroom. This practice focuses on the unique developmental needs of adolescents and provides a dedicated time for students to connect, share experiences, and develop strong relationships with their peers and advisors. Advisory aligns seamlessly with the IB learner profile by nurturing students to be reflective, communicative, and caring individuals. These meetings not only promote social-emotional learning but also offer a platform for discussing global perspectives and fostering a sense of international-mindedness among students. By incorporating activities that encourage collaboration, empathy, and self-awareness, Advisory Meetings contribute to the holistic development of our IB learners.
Calm Classroom offers a mindfulness-based curriculum for all students that brings a sense of tranquility and emotional regulation to the school environment. Specifically designed to enhance social-emotional learning (SEL), Calm Classroom aligns well with our values as an IB world school. This program encourages students to develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness practices, fostering attributes such as balance, open-mindedness, and reflective thinking from the IB learner profile. By integrating mindful practices into the daily routine, Calm Classroom contributes to the creation of a positive and nurturing learning environment that complements the IB philosophy of nurturing well-rounded, globally-minded individuals.
In our PreK-5th grade classrooms, Morning Meeting is a dynamic and engaging practice that fosters a positive classroom environment by promoting social-emotional learning and building a sense of community among students. This approach aligns seamlessly with our IB emphasis on developing well-rounded, globally-minded individuals. Morning Meeting incorporates elements such as greetings, sharing, group activities, and morning messages, providing students with a platform to express themselves, collaborate with peers, and develop important interpersonal skills. By emphasizing communication, respect, and inclusivity, the Morning Meeting ritual aligns with the IB learner profile, encouraging students to become principled, open-minded, and caring members of their classroom community and the world beyond.
In our K-5th grade classrooms, the Second Step Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum is a comprehensive program designed to cultivate essential social and emotional skills among elementary-age students. With a focus on promoting self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making, Second Step aligns seamlessly with the goals of an IB world school. By integrating Second Step into our curriculum, our school prioritizes the holistic growth of students, preparing them not only academically but also emotionally and socially for a diverse and interconnected world.